Who We Are

Ideal Corporate Funding, Inc. was formed in 1990. Ideal’s focus is corporate finance. Ideal developed a concept to provide companies with financial resources. With its vast experience in the industry and the relationships developed over many years with banks and lenders, Ideal was uniquely suited to create lending solutions for businesses in need of $500,000 to $1 Billion dollars. These concepts came in many forms (see Solutions) but all were to be used with a plan outlined and created by Ideal.

“Ideal Corporate Funding Inc. remains a “success fee based company,” being paid only upon achieving its goals for the customer, and has continued to provide resources for many of the most well known companies and organizations in the United States.”

The Who and Why of Ideal

Ideal Corporate Funding is a well established and respected resource from which corporations are provided funding that is needed quickly and conveniently. Ideal is recognized for providing fair and moderately priced funding for corporations in need of these financing resources that will allow the company to grow in sales, resolve manufacturing issues and provide purchasing power to the company.  Ideal is a complete financial resource for businesses based or operating in the United States of America.

Commencing almost forty-five years ago and having arranged over a billion dollars in loans for individuals, the principals of Ideal created Ideal Corporate Funding.  Ideal Corporate Funding focuses exclusively on the corporate world.  For the past fifteen years Ideal has enabled thousands of its clients to jump-start their growth and development without the burden of unavailable funding while delivering the added resource of short term transaction financing.